Rully 1er Cru Cloux Rouge

  • Wine tasting

    On the nose, after perceiving notes of raspberries and their pips "encrusted" in the skin of the fruit, we sense the finesse of the wine, with a tonic-like aromatic personality.
    The palate is more open than the nose, offering a beautiful attack with a complex, subtle structure and bouquet. It sits between the pulp of the Pinot Noir fruit and the supple tannins. The texture, which remains delicate, develops mineral notes that make you salivate. They are almost reminiscent of the aromatic freshness of its chardonnay counterpart, whose vines are found just next door.
    The beautiful concentration of this wine suggests an ageing potential between three to ten years unless you want to drink it now. In which case, it will be necessary to consider opening the bottle few hours ahead.