MercureyLes Montots

  • Description

    Les Montots is situated on fairly steep slope with southern exposure, planted with a selection of Pinot Noir vines from Nuits-Saint-Georges chosen for teir aromatic qualities and moderate yield.
    Les Montots is a Mercurey of its own kind, structured and viforous, deep with a dark ruby color.
    It will open up gradually with age, revealing the breadth of its complexity only after five to seven years. Depending on the vintage and your cellar, it will age and develop for fifteen to twenty years.
    serve at aound 64°F with red meat or game.
    Many cheeses will go well with les Montots but follow once again the caveat against soft cheeses like Camembert, Brie and Vacherin.

  • Wine tasting

    It is a very dense and at the same time tannic wine, its strength isn't however masking its finesse and the subtlety of its aromas. Consistent and subtle at the same time, it can keep between 5 and 10 years.

  • Press review

  • 2017.07.05

    L'Ô des vignes 06/07/17