We find that remaining faithful to Burgundy's traditional production methods is the best way to respectfully continue and augment the work begun by the soil, the climate, and the vine :

- Manual / harvesting is the only possible way to bring in whole grapes in excellent condition.

- Strict sorting of the harvest eliminates bunches whose health or ripeness might fail to meet our standard.

- Natural / vinification is an extension of the philosophy of organic cultivation carried out in our vineyards. The objective of both is to allow the natural expression of the nuances and aromas particular to each terroir and grape variety

- Maturing in tuns, oak casks, and tanks, or a combination of the three, brings out the freshness, fruit, and specific aromas of each wine, with an eye toward overall finesse. We make no more than moderate use of new oak casks, in order to avoid the vanilla and oak flavors that would mask our wine's true nature.