Bourgogne Côte ChalonnaiseLa Digoine

  • Description

    La Digoine is a site at the foot of a slope, known for centuries to provide the deep soil and growing conditions necessary for excellent red wine.
    Our vineyard here is planted in moderate-yield Pinot Noir.
    La Digoine can be drunk very young. Within two or three months of bottling, it demonstrates immediate appeal with red berry fruit and a balance of roundness, structure, and lenght on the palate.
    However, this is another versatil wine which benefits from bottle aging.
    After 18 to 24 months, slow maturation and evolution begin to make their mark, and La Digoine will improve over the next ten year, revealing the deep, complex aromas worthy of a great burgundy.
    Depending on cellar conditions, we recommanded twelve to fifteen years of aging.
    Serving temperature for a young La Digoine should be around 60°F, and around 64°F for an older one.
    It goes well with red meat and any of a variety of cheeses, though soft cheeses like Camembert, Brie, and Vacherin should be avoided.

  • Wine tasting

    At first sight, the colour is sustained, intense red.
    Even if the nose is still slightly shy, it suggests a great wine ; this impression is confirmed by the complexity on the palate. A wine fleshy, rich, deep, full of ripe and silky tannins.

    These wines having been matured and vinified the most natural way possible, we would recommend that you cellar them for a bit and then let them breathe before drinking.