Vintage 2008

Due to late malo-lactique fermentation, our 2008 vintage has just been bottled. We are happy to present the wine to you.

To sum up the characteristics of the 2008's we would say they are the image of the landscapes of the Côte Chalonnaise: colored, varied, and representative of their "terroir".
In 2008, the weather being very capricious, the vines demanded constant care and attention. in fact, after a cool and rainy period, during the flowering in the beginning of june, the month of july and august brought us unfavourable weather conditions with little sun ton encourage nevertheless maturation.
However, inspite of this, the vines remained healthy. This allowed us to wait patiently well beyond the one hundred days. It was only in mi-september that the rain ceased and the weather became more stable. The grapes then not only benefited from a dry and sunny period but also from a persistant north wind. these factors united to concentrate the sugars and acidity and permitted the complete maturity of the crops.
We waited as late as possible to harvest. We began on september 27nd with the pinot noir, followed without interruption by the chardonnay an the aligoté. Patience and observation have been very important for this vintage to vinifie and age wines.
So our wines took their time and it's only now that we are able to propose you them. We hope they will enjoy you as much as previous vintages.

Vinifications have been made traditionnaly, wood tanks for the pinot noir, "foudres" for the chardonnay and the Bouzeron.